Immortals: Beyond the Mist

New Re-Release

Immortals: Beyond the Mist

The Immortals Series Novella

Haunted by her past and reeling from her sister’s murder, Jenna Renfield thinks a cruise is just what she needs to get away from all her troubles – including gorgeous, but irritating Dave Runningbear who seems to have nothing better to do with his life than have fun and chase women.  Not that he chases her, of course. She’s glad to be the exact opposite of the women who normally fill his bed. One day, if she keeps telling herself that, she’ll actually believe it. 

When Dave learns that Jenna ignored his warnings about the dangers of traveling alone, he slips aboard the ship and stows away in her cabin. He’s hoping that a little time alone will help her see past his playboy image to the man he really is. Maybe then, he can convince her that she’s a woman worth loving – and not just for a single night.

Unfortunately, love may have come too late for them because they soon discover they are trapped on a ghostly cruise ship and death is its destination. Can they find a way to escape before it carries them “Beyond the Mist”?

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